You Can Help DriftEvolution Stay Alive! [Must Read]

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You Can Help DriftEvolution Stay Alive! [Must Read] Empty You Can Help DriftEvolution Stay Alive! [Must Read]

Post by Fyrstikken on Sat Feb 02, 2013 12:20 am


Hi There,

As you may know that the server has not been online very much, but as the server is considered to be a non-profit server, which in context mean us owners tend to make no profit what so ever from this server, we would feel very grateful if you guys could contribute to the Server by paying a small amount of money, as you will be one of the players that are helping this server stay up and running

You are probably thinking 'what will I get from contributing money?', well let me answer that for you, you will be added to the 'donators' list, so players will know who has helped keep this server alive, therefore you will gain the trusted respect of the owners and the servers players. You may also get an administrator or a VIP level.

Commands: lcar, lbike, lboat, lheli, vip chat. (will come more in a later update!)

10 USD: VIP LVL 2:
Commands: all on vip lvl 1, jetpack (will come more in a later update!)

15 USD: VIP LVL 3:
commands: all on vip 1 and 2, mute, unmute, kick, (might come more in later update!)

Commands: commands from admin level 1, from vip 1,2,3, disarm, get, freeze, unfreeze, vipadminlogin (will come more later!)

US Dollars : $1
Euro: 0.77 Euros
UK pound: 0.61 British Pound Sterling

Donation link:

If you guys need any more currencies just drop a comment down below.

Also if you do donate, give a comment below, so we can add you to the donators link!
kind regards,
                 - Fyrstikken

You Can Help DriftEvolution Stay Alive! [Must Read] Tumblr_m0vx269NxW1rnvjgmo1_500

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