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Post by Fyrstikken on Mon Jun 02, 2014 6:35 am

Everything is not done yet, but this is what will come in the update V2.6.5, (currently, V2.6.2)

- DM world (LV)
- 2 ranking systems
- 4 teams
- base maps
- anti teamkill
- auto balance (will come in a later update)
- auto gates for each teams.

2 ranking systems:
1: 10 ranks, the higher rank you become, the more "teams" you can be. Rank 2: Gangsta, Rank 4: Army (might change this to higher!) + a amount of money for each rank.
2: 7 ranks, gives u classes (changeable at the base), at rank 7 u become pilot and you are able to use all helicopter/airplanes...

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